18YOMAN – Swimming | Music Video


Don’t say I didn’t warn you! It is guaranteed that the “Swimming” music video by 18YOMAN will get you tripping.


At first, you’ll see the daring singer taking a bubblebath, then transforming into a mermaid man only to dance with men fully covered in blue jumpsuits, leading up to his head being the pearl in a giant oyster shell. Surrounded by an artificial oceanic scenery, he has all these going on in order to get his mermaid girl, who, in this case, is the gifted Mia Elnekave.


This is probably the ideal music video for the dreamy track that comes to accompany it. Right from the start, the song welcomes you with a mellow melody, which undergoes some alternations during the progress of it. Always maintaining the chill ambiance, the piano, some synth additions and several drum loops will force your head to move almost unintentionally.


18YOMAN’s calm, harmonic voice is the perfect match for the instrumentals, bringing a neo soul tone to the whole track. To make it even more interesting, Mia’s warm vocals make their entrance somewhere in the middle, summing up a romantic duet, which you will wish to add to that date-night playlist.


The Australian artist made his first appearance earlier this year, gaining much of the audience’s acceptance with more than ten thousand listeners on Spotify. Furthermore, it looks like his track “Full To The Brim” had plenty of good reviews, while “Eye Catcher” hit over one hundred thousand streams.


With “Swimming” 18YOMAN is staying true to his style and level of quality. We are really excited to listen to his music in the future and even more anxious to watch this kind of interesting music videos.


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