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Nikki’s Wives is a pop rock music trio led by Nikki Whitehead with Dylan Lauzon on guitar and Nate Baylor on drums.


Nikki started her carrer alone at 12 and after struggling for years to find collaborators who shared her music vision, she has found Dylan and Nate. Their stage name came from an inside joke – they all say that creating this band is the closest they will ever get to being married.


Within a year, they have built a reputation for seductive performances, on the back of headlining sold-out Victoria’s Secret Superbowl parties. They have also been acclaimed by multi-platinum artist as Ceelo Green and She Wants Revenge.


Recently, their “Show Me” single was hand-selected by Tiësto for release on his record label, garnering over 14,000,000 streams on Spotify and 3,500,000 plays on YouTube.


Nikki’s Wives is working on a new EP titled Bloom, due to be released on November 8. But in the meantime, they have released a new single titled “Shaking Hands With The Devil” which is the first single from their upcoming EP, and what a bombastic track!


This salty rock single features raw honest lyrics on longing and desire. It’s full of energy, with a kind of metallic and rocky vibes. It’s thrilling and rhythmic, the hooks are catchy, and seems to come from Nikki’s heart.


Cross my heart, hoping I can die like a big rockstar
I don’t feel good, I don’t feel good anymore
”, she sings.


Listen here:




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