20th Century Fox Previews ‘Victor Frankenstein’ At Comic-Con | Film News


During 20th Century Fox’s panel at this years Comic-Con, the studio previewed its upcoming fresh take on the horror classic character, aptly named Victor Frankenstein. Directed by Paul McGuigan, who brought us Sherlock, and written by Max Landis, the film surrounds the relationship between Mr Frankenstein (played by James McAvoy) and his assistant Igor (played by Daniel Radcliffe).


The panel unveiled the first trailer, dark and witty in its’ approach, featuring a Victorian backdrop, true to Mary Shelley’s original, however filled with CG and monster effects – and also some monsters that weren’t present in the book. McGuigan stated that, “it’s actually about giving the name back to the scientist, Frankenstein”, when speaking about the misconception people make about the monster being Frankenstein, and not his creator. Victor Frankenstein will be released on November 25.



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