23 Year Old Isabella Cotier Collaborates With Gucci | Fashion News


Make way for the young! Alessandro Michele gave a great opportunity to London artist Isabella Cotier and now their co-collection is available at the Gucci Garden gift shop in Florence.


Isabella was working on a people-watching project in Florence, where she lived for 12 years and still has some friends. The young artist however was born in London where she graduated with a degree in Illustration at London College Of Fashion.


In the capital, she works as freelance illustrator and her authentic street style inspired the creative director of Gucci, Michele, who was appointed the role in 2015. During these three years, he became responsible for the brand image worldwide.



The collaboration consists mainly of sweats, hoodies and bags. These all feature in the drawings drafted by Cotier in Florence, where she released a series of portraits of people she saw in the street, or in cafés, caught in their daily lifestyle, breathing the Italian atmosphere. Isabella collected what she was experiencing living the city, and she put pale colours, basic shapes, even names of streets written in her project with Gucci.


This is mainly about the message that fashion can be for everyone and for everyday, and self-expression is an unconscious and instinctive daily routine.







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