‘24: Live Another Day’ Releases ‘Jack Is Back’ Documentary To Promote Series | TV News

’24: Live Another Day’ release a documentary to promote new series


A documentary has been released to promote the new series of action TV show 24. The 20-minute documentary called Jack Is Back can be watched in four parts via video sharing website YouTube. The video includes never-before-seen interviews with the cast and crew on what to expect in the upcoming series. The plot for the upcoming series follows Jack in London as he tries to prevent a terrorist attack while being hunted down by a CIA agent sent by the President, with talk show host Stephen Fry featuring in the series as the British Prime Minister. The new 12-part series 24: Live Another Day will premiere on May 6, 2014 on Sky One. The show will be broadcast in the US on May 5, 2014 on FOX.




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