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Just in time for the approach of Valentines Day, Soulja Boy and 24Hrs have released their new track “My Valentine”. After recent public eye attention, Soulja Boy is really making a strong comeback to the rap scene, and “My Valentine” is definitely a needed holiday track.


With these lyrics: “You get flowers, you get chocolate”, I’m not entirely sure if he thinks this is what all girls want, or if it’s just a lyric to move the song along, but I wouldn’t call him a romantic for this. For me this seems like a cop-out; he’s just trying to please his girl with flowers and chocolates, but I suppose that’s just personal preference.


There’s also a major lack of lyrics, with a lot of repetition, and it seems that the focus should be on the beat and the sound and the auto-tune rather than the words. I agree. Try not to focus too much on the words. Unless all you like is flowers and chocolate?


Also is it really that hard to say ‘Like an alcoholic’ instead of “Like a alcoholic”? Two words: “A OWL”


Other than this, Soulja and 24Hrs’ song will definitely hit the charts and will likely bring them up in the rap game.




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