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Netflix’s ‘The Order’ Season 1 Episode 1 | TV Review

  The first episode of Netflix’s The Order throws us straight into the realm of magic and werewolves, with the main characters hardly being phased by either. Nonetheless the show has its charm. There is an element of humour that I enjoyed, but I think it has a way to go yet.   Intrigued by Jack’s slightly confrontational character (Jake[…]

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‘Maleficent 2’ Release Date Moves Forward 7 Months | Film News

  Disney has just announced that it will be changing its release date for Maleficent 2 from May 2020, to October 2019! That means the long awaited sequel will be hitting theatres this year, just in time for Halloween.   Alongside this, they have also released the title of the film as Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil. Is it me or[…]

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The 5 Best Vampire Shows / Films You Have To Watch This Year | Film News

  I’ve created a list of must haves for your weekend binge of horror, thriller and a little bit of comedy. It’s all in there, from the cheesy-but-brilliant vamp flicks to the serious / artistic shows / films. This list has it all, so if, like me, you love a bit of supernatural TV, keep reading for the best of[…]

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Netflix Changed The Ending To ‘The Notebook’ And Fans Are Furious | Film News

  Netflix has changed the ending to the tragic love story, adapted from Nicholas Sparkes’ novel The Notebook, and viewers in the UK are furious.   The story’s ending typically depicts Allie, played by Rachel McAdams, develop dementia in old age, only to forget the love she shared with Noah (Ryan Gosling). They are both reading/remembering the story, trying to[…]

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Lady Gaga Shuts Down Those Bradley Cooper Rumours On Jimmy Kimmel | TV News

  Lady Gaga has shut down those cringe-worthy rumours that her and Bradley Cooper had started a secret romance during the filming of A Star Is Born.   Bradley Cooper is married to Irina Shayk and they both welcomed their first child back in 2017. Happily married, it seems bizarre that the internet would spin such an elaborate story, but[…]

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