29 Years After ‘Top Gun’, Tom Cruise Still Remains A Talented Box Office Attraction | Film News

Tom Cruise stars in new film clips for ‘Edge of Tomorrow’


Tom Cruise is set to celebrate more than 30 years in the movie industry with the release of his newest film Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation appearing in cinemas soon. The career of Tom Cruise has been extraordinary especially when it comes to big budget blockbusters with high octane action films under his belt such as Minority Report, War of the Worlds and Edge of Tomorrow.


All this success started after he announced himself on the big screen with Top Gun in 1986 and modelled himself to become the new movie star of the modern era. Cruise continues to diversify himself as an actor by choosing to embark on drama orientated films as well as be strongly associated with the action genre. One of his most acclaimed films in which his performance has been well credited amongst many film critics is Rain Man. As an actor he did lack the previous experience in playing more dramatic related roles before he starred in Barry Levinson’s Rain Man however Tom Cruise helped make this film an instant classic and in the meantime enabled himself to break away from the all action star stereotype which has plagued his career thus far since the release of Top Gun.


But Rain Man is not the only exception of his superb acting credentials as his other performances in Jerry Maguire, A Few Good Men and The Firm confirms his ability to deliver highly respected body of work that many fellow Hollywood actors could be envious of. Tom Cruise will always remain the star who has the power to draw big crowds and audiences into a cinema booth but also has the physical presence and spontaneous burst of energy to keep the viewers on the edge of their seat at all times.



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