Chris Pine Joins Cast Of ‘Wonder Woman’ | Film News


Chris Pine will be joining Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman’s main love interest Steve Trevor. The film set for a 2017 release is still a long way off, but the inclusion of Pine seems to be a great casting choice as the film looks to add star power. For a short while, he was one of the names dropped for the role of Green Lantern, however the rumours can now be dismissed after the revelation that he will be playing the role of Steve Trevor.


After his plane crashes in the Amazon’s home island, Trevor is rescued and cared for by Princess Diana and the two soon develop a personal relationship. The resulting stories are based on Trevor constantly finding himself captured by Wonder Woman’s enemies, resulting in multiple rescue missions for the Princess. No word yet on who the enemies could be, but after capturing Captain Kirk himself, we can only expect good things from here on out.




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