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The fashion industry consumes a lot of resources and creates a lot of mess to keep you looking stylish. But at the same time, consumers are becoming ever more conscious of the environmental impact of their purchases. As a result, not only are apparel makers committing to making fashion more sustainable but it’s born a series of “Eco-Friendly” Instagram influencers who share the same ethical values.


These people highlight the many benefits of sustainable fashion and share valuable information on how to become a more conscious consumer. Here you can find a list of 5 Eco-Friendly influencers that live in the UK:


Signe Hansen | @useless_dk


Signe is a Scandinavian girl, who created ac blog called “Use Less”. This blog is intended to help others build a lasting wardrobe, focusing on ways you can fix your garments instead of throwing them away. Her motto is “Buy less, and explore Signe’s ethical outfits.” She’s also the founder of Linger, a second hand shop.


Madeleine Olivia | @madeleineolivia


Based in Brighton, Madeleine’s grid is full of dreamy shots of her great hair and interesting recipes you should try. She uses the platform to share insights into following a sustainable vegan and minimalist lifestyle. Check out her web site, and start be green from now!


Marta Canga | @marta_canga


Marta is a London-based girl originally from Spain. She has a very international mindset due to her background. Everything vegan is her thing, including what she called ‘Vegan Fashion’. Follow her also on Youtube to not miss any updates.


Tomelia Gregory | @tollydollyposh


Tolmelia has been running her ethical fashion blog for six years, since the tender age of 11. With her emphasis on showcasing sustainable collections by the likes of G-Star RAW, if you’re wanting to cultivate an ethical wardrobe, she is one to follow.


Ruth MacGlip | @ruthmacgilpblog


Ruth is an industry expert herself. She has a great knowledge about influencer marketing and ethical fashion. The aesthetic of her blog is simply stunning. Different from other Instagram influencers, Ruth also writes about fashion industry insights. If you are targeting fashion marketers in particular, Ruth is the go-to person.

Let’s be Green!



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