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As fashion continues to evolve, the line between menswear and womenswear has blurred. Now, we celebrate men in skirts and laud women who can rock a power suit like a boss.


While gender-neutral style is nothing new, some of the most famous celebrities and models have really pushed this look into the mainstream, challenging norms as we know them. So, we’ve listed some of these style icons who have been known to sport the best androgynous looks.


Cara Delevingne



She may be known for her signature fierce brows, but Cara Delevingne’s love affair with the fashion industry goes way deeper than that. Through the years, her androgynous style has made waves on the runway, the streets, and across lots of high-profile campaigns.


With her long blonde locks and makeup-free face, it makes for an extraordinary take on gender fluidity. Delevingne’s favorite outfit to play around with is the classic polo, suit and tie, which she’s been spotted wearing with outrageous jewelry or studs.


Ezra Miller



Ezra Miller’s rise as a style icon was unexpected for many who knew him as Patrick, the loveable queer best friend from The Perks of Being a Wallflower. However, it’s safe to say that the actor has carved out a name for himself. These days, it’s his campy outfits and daring silhouettes that are making him a household name in fashion.


On a normal day, he’s often seen combining colorful blazers or jackets with basic tees. He doesn’t shy away from prints on shirts, giving some of his looks a nostalgic 90’s vibe. To channel your inner androgynous rocker, ASOS boasts a similar collection of vintage tees, crochet festival wear, and vibrant outerwear that Miller would totally pull off.


Kristen Stewart



From her pixie chop to her baggy clothes, Kristen Stewart could teach a master class on how to look effortlessly cool. She’s certainly come a long way from her Twilight days with her natural brown locks and demure dressing. Now, her casual looks include ripped jeans, leather jackets, and the ever-present basic white tee.


Elle also features some of her most memorable androgynous red carpet ensembles, proving that she can rock more than just casual silhouettes under the spotlight.


Tilda Swinton



You can’t talk about androgynous fashion without talking about Tilda Swinton. As an actress, she needs no introduction. But you also can’t talk about androgynous fashion without mentioning Tilda Swinton.


The Scottish actress is known for her chic minimalist style, distinct bone structure, and memorable mane. One of Swinton’s favorites is pairing blazers with plain button-down shirts, as this gives off a sleek vibe and brings focus to her face and hair.


True enough, Woman Within highlights the versatility of the basic button-down shirt, with added points for breathable fabrics and a relaxed fit. Classic pieces like this are a must-have for those looking to build a gender-neutral wardrobe similar to Swinton’s.


Jaden Smith



As young as he is, Jaden Smith is undoubtedly one of the biggest influencers in gender-neutral dressing. He took his fashion one step further and turned it into one of his many advocacies. In 2016, he even launched his own androgynous clothing line called MSFTS.


MSFTS is for the girl that wants to be a tomboy or the boy that wants to wear a skirt, and people try to condemn“, he explained in an interview about the clothing line.


True enough, the line is his own attempt at spreading the word about the importance of inclusivity. On that note, Smith’s eccentric patterns and unexpected skirts are inspiring young people everywhere to ditch gender norms and just wear what feels right.



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