50 Cent Reportedly Arrested In Caribbean For Using Profanity | Music News

50 Cent 27.06.2016ANDREW


50 Cent performed a show in the small Caribbean country, St. Kitts, but it does not look like things went very smoothly for the rapper. After the concert was over, 50 was reportedly arrested for using “Motherf*cker” in his set, a word that is apparently illegal there.


According to sources, authorities warned 50 before his set not to swear, but the DJ did not bring clean versions of his songs and 50 did not pull the mic away when it came time for him to rap “Motherf*cker”.


Police then took 50 to the station and charged him with using profanity in public. It is not a major offense, but 50 does have to stay in St. Kitts until Monday when the courts reopen so he can pay his fine.



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