50 Lucky Theatres To Show ‘The Hateful Eight’ In 70mm | Film News


Quentin Tarantino has divulged that he plans to ‘retrofit’ fifty cinema theatres with 70 millimetre screens in order for the audience to get the absolutely perfect view of his new Western The Hateful Eight. Shot in high-resolution 70mm format, using Ultra Panavision 70, The Hateful Eight will be the first film to use this format since the 1960s. Clearly Tarantino wants his audience to experience the film in a way unlike any other, and he and cinematographer Robert Richardson are pulling out all of the stops.


The film is set in Wyoming after the Civil War, and the plot is set around eight Westerners who escape a blizzard by taking refuge in a stagecoach. Starring Samuel L Jackson, and Kurt Russell, and has been highly anticipated since the script leak and possible withdrawal of the film in early 2014, The Hateful Eight is due for release in Autumn 2015.



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