50% Of ‘New Mutants’ To Be Reshot? | Film News


After news came out yesterday regarding Fox pushing back two of their upcoming X-Men properties, including a second delay for The New Mutants, fans were naturally curious as to the reason for the delays. We now may have some answers.


Collider reported that the reason for the second delay of The New Mutants is even more significant than the first one. The film was initially delayed after Fox didn’t deem it “scary” enough and wanted additional reshoots, despite the fact that director Josh Boone delivered the studio a cut he was happy with.


It’s now being reported that the studio wants additional reshoots, with potentially at least 50% of the movie being reshot while adding one or two characters that will be present for the entire film. They aren’t simply trying to add in a cameo appearance, Fox is looking to change the entire structure of the film.


This seems like a very odd decision considering Boone was happy with his own cut of the film before both of these delays, but Fox has gotten ambitious with these projects after the success of genre-bending, subversive fare like Deadpool and Logan. Still, it’s one thing to want to make a horror film more scary, it’s another to reshoot over half a film and add two new key characters.


Anticipation remains high for The New Mutants, but it’s fair to wonder if all this chopping and changing will lead to an equally uneven film once all is said and done. Boone is understandably pretty unhappy with these changes and has reportedly been having major creative differences with the studio.


The New Mutants, potentially with more scares, additional characters and 50% different footage than originally expected, will finally hit cinemas August 2, 2019.



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