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the hateful 8


It has been common knowledge since the first trailer was released that Quentin Tarantino‘s new film, The Hateful Eight, would be screened in a 70mm film format for a limited time before its general release. It was reported that Tarantino arranged for 100 cinemas to be equipped with 70mm projectors so that his film could be screened the way he intended. It sounded like a good move, both for commercial purposes and for aesthetic purposes, but it seems that it is not paying off the way Tarantino expected.


It seems that issues with the formatting are plaguing the screenings of The Hateful Eight and the American public wasted no time in taking to Twitter to express their opinion, with many claiming that the film suffered issues with its focus and sound. They also claimed that during the 12 minute intermission, the audio continued while the picture stopped. The distribution chief of The Weinstein Company, Erik Lornis, told Variety magazine: “Those tweets don’t give an accurate picture of how well the Roadshow 70mm showings have gone. They represent issues that were rare and far between. And when those select occurrences happened, the projectionists immediately fixed the issue or switched to the DCP Print”


Quentin Tarantino, along with Martin Scorsese and Judd Apatow, has long been a supporter of the continued use of film. This is something reflected in his decision to only screen movies shot on film at his own cinema in Los Angeles. However, no doubt the setbacks his film has recently received will be making him second-guess his decision to screen it in 70mm; however honourable his intentions. The Hateful Eight will be released in U.K. digital cinemas January 8, 2016 and check out the trailer below if you haven’t already.




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