7evin7ins Reveals Inner Struggles And Triumphs In New Single ‘Thanks For The Therapy’

7evin7ins, from Allendale, New Jersey, is set to make waves with his emotionally charged new single, “Thanks For The Therapy,” from his debut project My Everlasting Isolation. Known for his unique blend of pop-punk, alternative, and hip-hop, 7evin7ins takes listeners on an introspective journey through the music industry’s challenging landscape.

“Thanks For The Therapy” is a raw and unfiltered narrative of 7evin7ins’ personal experiences with major label involvement. The track delves into the highs and lows of being signed to a major record label, capturing the initial excitement followed by the realization of the industry’s darker aspects. This candid storytelling marks his transition from a major label to embracing the authenticity of being an independent artist.

The journey of 7evin7ins is one of resilience and transformation. After a promising basketball career was derailed by knee injuries, he found solace in music, drawing inspiration from a wide range of artists, including Paramore, Juice WRLD, Post Malone, Eminem, and Lil Wayne. His previous hits, like the viral “Life Gets F**ked Up,” and collaborations with Kellin Quinn and Cozz, have already established him as a notable artist in the music scene.

My Everlasting Isolation, produced in Los Angeles with talents like Alex Pearson, is more than an album; it’s a narrative that weaves personal growth with the complexities of isolation. 7evin7ins describes it as his favorite work, showcasing his evolution and deep-rooted passion for music.

Released on December 1st, “”Thanks For The Therapy”” is a testament to 7evin7ins’ resilience and authenticity. The track resonates with anyone who has chased dreams, only to find those dreams are not what they seem. His story is an inspiration, a reminder that true artistry emerges from the heart of genuine experiences and emotions.

Listen to “Thanks For The Therapy” below!


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