Australian Musician Ali Dellas Releases Poignant New Single ‘Slow The End’

Ali Dellas, an emerging Australian singer-songwriter, has recently unveiled her poignant new single “Slow The End.” This deeply emotive track navigates the complexities of recognizing personal flaws within the waning moments of a relationship. The song, rich in narrative and steeped in introspection, offers listeners a resonant story set against the enchanting backdrop of Dellas’s musical artistry.

Described by Dellas herself, “‘Slow The End’ is about coming to terms with one’s own shortcomings that have contributed to the demise of a relationship. It’s about the yearning to turn back time and start anew, despite knowing that’s rarely possible. The song encapsulates the wish for the relationship’s end to come more gradually, allowing time to process and reflect.”

The track commences with the soothing sounds of acoustic guitar strumming, gradually layering instruments to build an escalating emotional crescendo. Dellas’s vocals, both sweet and melodic, coupled with striking harmonies, vividly portray a journey of love, loss, and introspection.

“Slow The End” is available for streaming and can be accessed here. For further information about Ali Dellas and her musical journey, fans can visit her official website, as well as her social media platforms on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Ali Dellas stands out not just for her musical talents but also for her personal journey. As a Melbourne-based indie bedroom-pop artist with autism, Dellas exemplifies how music can bridge gaps and connect people beyond societal barriers. She finds fascination and inspiration in music’s universal appeal and its ability to interweave narratives across time and cultures.

Dellas, proficient with the piano and guitar, has been honing her songwriting craft for years and is now poised to share her stories with a broader audience. Her artistry, marked by a heartfelt authenticity reminiscent of musicians like Lizzy McAlpine and Lyn Lapid, signals the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her career.

Listen to “Slow The End” here!


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