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“It’s going to be an incredible summer” tells the poster of the new chapter of The Incredibles. They are back. Pixar have finally decided to release the following adventure of the great cartoon and fans are just electrified.


Incredibles 2 is the awaited sequel by filmmaker Brad Bird and after 14 years sees the return on screen to the story of the Incredible family, keeping most of the voices of the original dubbers, and making it really a familiar return.


This second instalment stars Helen (Elastigirl) as she is called to help bring Supers back while Bob (Mr. Incredible) stays home, simply leading the daily life and taking care of the three children Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. It may even sound like a feminist adaptation in the beginning! But then the rest of the family is called into action and the kids help their parents to save the world, while the baby Jack-Jack shows his emerging powers…


The key of its success is that The Incredibles is a fun movie that all ages can enjoy, which tries to portray the daily life in an incredible and let me add – impossible and fantastic – way. Everyone dreams of being incredible, feeding the children and then flying on the other side of the universe. And this is basically like what most of the parents in the world do when they try to organize their life among work, school, sport, home.


It’s the time now to go to cinema and watch the sequel of the 2004 cartoon, which in the US during its opening weekend had already smashed records. It will be out in the UK on July 13.



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