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Everyone’s probably got their personal list of films they’d explicitly not want to see remade in any fashion. The Matrix is probably on many of those lists. It’s possible many people are about to feel a little unhappy.


The Matrix, the iconic 1999 sci-fi movie is being rebooted at Warner Bros. Nobody quite seems sure what form this reboot will take quite yet, whether it would be a direct remake of the original film, a continuation of the series with a new cast or something different entirely.


What we do know is that the Wachowski brothers – writers and directors of all three Matrix films thus far – are currently not a part of the new project, and are currently focused on their Netflix series, Sense8. The sense from Warner Bros is that they’d like the siblings’ blessing before going ahead with the project.


The studio is in talks with writer, Zak Penn (The Incredible Hulk, the upcoming Ready Player One), about penning a treatment as they work out how the reboot would work, and they reportedly already have their eye on Michael B. Jordan as the potential lead.


The idea of a Matrix TV series was reportedly nixed, with the studio far more interested in following the shared universe model of Marvel and Star Wars, with ideas floating around regarding a young Morpheus film and the opportunity to mine plenty of cash from potentially annual films.


Keanu Reeves, having developed a second iconic character in his oeuvre with his John Wick, has repeatedly expressed interest in returning for new Matrix films, but never has the idea of a reboot been this real, nor is it clear whether the studio is interested in more stories involving Neo, though considering Reeves’ star power they likely would be.


It was realistically only a matter of time until a popular franchise, like The Matrix, got the reboot treatment, so we shouldn’t be particularly surprised. What form the prospective new vision of the franchise will take is unclear, expect plenty of news to continue rolling out over the coming months. And just cross your fingers the eventual reboot does the original material justice.



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