A Special Brunch With Artist Nick Gentry At The Opera Gallery This Sunday | Arts


Mayfair’s Opera Gallery will be hosting a brunch and exclusive pop-up exhibition of Nick Gentry’s stunning art on Sunday, April 14. It will be a special event where you can go and have your selfie painted onto a vinyl sleeve by the London artist, who is famous for creating art from obsolete technology including old floppy disks, CDs and VHS cassette tapes.


Nick is asking members of the public to bring along old vinyl sleeves and a selfie of themselves to the brunch. Nick will then paint portraits based on each selfie onto the vinyl sleeve as part of his series of portraits of Londoners, which celebrates the sheer diversity of age, race and gender in our capital city. The works will be a multifaceted representation of “The Face of London”, and the final artworks will be donated to a charity of Nick’s choice.


The brunch also will include a short talk, where Nick, in conversation with Opera Gallery director Federica Beretta, will discuss the 30th anniversary of the internet, artificial intelligence, biometrics, and how all of these inform his artistic practice. Also, a selection of his artworks will also be displayed in the gallery especially for the occasion.


In our selfie-obsessed and digitalised world, we all live in the present moment, forgetting the value of physical objects that once were integral part of our lives. Old technologies like floppy disks, film negatives, CDs and VHS have become obsolete, even though they have been for a long time the repository of our most precious memories.


You can get free tickets if you book it on Eventbrite. Don’t miss this special event. Check out a sneak peek of Nick’s art below and click the link here to explore further.






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