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A24 have announced that they’re developing a film adaptation of Ocean Vuong‘s acclaimed novel, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous.


The news was revealed on the latest edition of The A24 Podcast, which featured a conversation between Vuong, a poet and author who previously won the MacArthur Grant, and Bryan Washington, a writer whose own novel Memorial is being adapted for TV by the studio.


Vuong had previously published several collections of poetry, but On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous is his debut novel, and it quickly became a critically acclaimed bestseller when released in 2019.


The novel is written as a letter from a young Vietnamese American man, nicknamed Little Dog, to his illiterate mother, Hong. It recounts the lives of Little Dog’s grandmother Lan, who escapes an arranged marriage during the Vietnam War and becomes a prostitute, and Hong, who leaves school at five years old due to the war and suffers post-traumatic stress disorder.


The family eventually moves to Connecticut, where they can barely speak English, and Little Dog is abused by his mother for being gay. It’s sometimes a tough read, but it’s also written in an incredibly unique, vibrant, ethereal style, probably owing a lot to Vuong’s poetry background.


This should be the perfect project for A24 to adapt. The studio has had tons of success with similarly lyrical and personal dramas, so this should fit right in. It will be fascinating to see which director and actors jump on board, as this should be a pretty sought after project with plenty of opportunities to flex those creative muscles.


A24 recently released acclaimed drama Minari in limited capacity, which should be a major awards contender. Other upcoming films from the studio include Janicza Bravo‘s comedy-drama Zola and David Lowery‘s medieval fantasy film The Green Knight.



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