A24 Releases Unnerving Trailer For ‘It Comes At Night’ | Film Trailer


A24 is arguably the best production company around right now in terms of film quality. They’ve recently hit it out of the park with releases such as The Lobster, The Witch, Room, Ex Machina, to name a few, so any new release coming from them is bound to be met with excitement. Especially when it’s as intriguing as this.


After releasing the poster a few days ago, the trailer for It Comes At Night has dropped and it’s the perfect blend of menacing and creepy. Gliding up a dark hallway while an ominous discussion regarding an open door whispers in your ear, the trailer just teases enough for the imagination to run wild.


In a perfect world, this would be the only trailer we get, forcing us to go in relatively blind to what seems destined to be a hugely intriguing film. Unfortunately, there’s bound to be a longer trailer arriving at some point, probably one that happily reveals further details that are best kept in secret. Until that day, let’s revel in a deliciously creepy trailer, and here’s to another hopefully great release from A24.


The film is directed by Trey Edward Shults, stars Joel Edgarton, Riley Keough, Christopher Abbott and Carmen Ejogo and will be released Friday, August 25.




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