Aaron Sorkin’s Directorial Debut ‘Molly’s Game’ Gets A Release Date | Film News


Academy Award winner and lover of pontificating dialogue, Aaron Sorkin, has stepped behind the camera for the first time for the upcoming film titled Molly’s Game, which stars Jessica Chastain, which now has an awards-friendly release date.


The film will arrive in cinemas Wednesday, November 22, a prime spot for awards consideration, something which any film involving Sorkin usually is. STX Entertainment will release the film, having initially picked it up after Sony bailed on the project.


The film is based on a memoir by former Olympic skiing hopeful Molly Bloom, who ended up running high stakes poker games which catered to Hollywood’s richest stars, as well as business tycoons and Russian mobsters. Chastain plays Bloom, while Idris Elba plays her attorney who, after her arrest, begins to find out that the Molly presented in the tabloids is far from the real version.


When the book was originally optioned in 2014, Sorkin was only initially hired to write the screenplay, before the decision was made for him to handle directorial duties as well. The premise sounds like perfect Sorkin fodder and should be as fast-paced and entertaining as his prior work. With him also behind the camera, Molly’s Game is surely one of the most anticipated releases of the winter.



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