Abbey Lane Drops New Indie Pop Single ‘Constellations’

Abbey Lane, a rising artist in the Australian indie-pop scene, has released her fifth single, “Constellations“, which sets a tender tone for 2024. The song is a blend of nostalgia and fresh vibes, inspired by early 2000s melodies, and showcases her heartfelt storytelling on themes of love and farewell.

“Constellations” features Lane’s raw and relatable lyrics, exploring the complexities of love and timing, and resonating with listeners on a deeply emotional level. The song captures the essence of letting go while cherishing memories, with its mix of poignant lyrics and hopeful melodies.

This latest release reflects Lane’s musical evolution, infused with live band elements and ethereal synths, while maintaining her signature sound and exploring new sonic territories. The track is reminiscent of Snow Patrol and Middle Kids, blending past influences with contemporary indie-pop sensibilities.

In an interview, Lane shared that “Constellations” is all about having to let go of someone that you’re still in love with. Her words encapsulate the bittersweet essence of the song, offering listeners a glimpse into her emotional journey.

Following a successful 2023, which saw Lane perform at prominent events like Sydney’s SXSW and Liverpool’s NYE Festival, “Constellations” marks a promising start to the new year. With more singles and EPs on the horizon, Lane’s position in the indie-pop scene only seems to be ascending.

Abbey Lane, hailing from Sydney, has been on a musical journey spanning over a decade. Influenced by homegrown talents like Maddy Jane and Middle Kids, Lane has honed her craft through years of dedication and collaboration. She has won songwriting competitions and shared stages with notable acts, and her passion for music shines through in every note!

Listen to “Constellations” below!


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