Tetza Unleashes Catchy Break-Up Anthem ‘Kick Rocks’

Tetza, the rising artist known for her infectious pop melodies and empowering lyrics, has just dropped her latest single, “kick rocks” This pop banger arrives as the perfect retort to unwanted advances from an ex-lover, blending dreamy vibes with danceable beats in a celebration of self-love post-heartbreak.

Driven by Tetza’s self-arranged vocals, “kick rocks” is a testament to her strength and independence. With lyrics that inspire resilience and defiance, the track is tailor-made for blasting on a summer drive, with its catchy hook “eat dirt, kick rocks!” serving as an anthem for moving on.

Tetza’s musical style draws comparisons to chart-toppers like Ariana Grande, while also showcasing influences from artists like SZA, Beyoncé, and Kehlani.

Originally hailing from Los Angeles and now based in Brooklyn, Tetza has made waves in the music industry as both a songwriter and session vocalist. With the release of her debut EP, Summer Reading Tetza has captured the attention of audiences and critics alike, earning praise for her unique blend of pop and R&B infused with Y2K nostalgia.

Despite starting her journey as an independent artist, Tetza’s talent and dedication have earned her performances at renowned venues such as DROM and THE MEADOWS. Her self-produced music videos, vibrant and fun, serve as a testament to her creativity and performance abilities, further solidifying her status as a rising star.

As Tetza continues to carve her path in the music industry, her ultimate goal remains clear: to be undeniable. With each release, she proves herself capable of reaching the top of the charts, armed with dedication, creativity, and a skillful blend of pop sensibilities and empowering lyricism.

Keep an eye on Tetza and listen her latest single “kick rocks” below!


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