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Absolutely Anything is directed by Terry Jones, and stars Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale, Robin Williams, John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Gillian, Terry Jones, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Rob Riggle, and Eddie Izzard. Simon Pegg’s character gains powers, where, like the title says, he can do absolutely anything. Throughout the movie, Simon Pegg must learn how to deal with his new powers, and decide for himself what he morally can or can’t do.


I was intrigued to see this movie because the idea of a character being able to do anything he wants to do with no boundaries, sounds like good, dumb fun to have. A bonus to this is that Terry Jones from Monty Python directed this – Terry Jones hasn’t directed a movie for almost twenty years. Another great bonus is that the surviving Pythons are all in this movie. I’m a huge fan of Monty Python, and couldn’t wait to see them on screen. The last time the Pythons were on screen together was in The Meaning of Life.


After what I just mentioned, the movie sounds good, right? Overall, I thought the movie was just OK. The idea was interesting and the cast were good. Simon Pegg, once again, performed brilliantly. The late Robin Williams, as always, was funny in it. Most of the jokes were funny and still had that Python humor in it, which I love. I like how the movie shows audiences to be careful what you wish for, and, if you had this power, if it’s morally good to use it, in a humorous way.


I still had a good time as it did what a comedy movie is primarily made for, it made me laugh. Even though some of the jokes didn’t work as they came out flat, that rarely happened throughout the movie. However, I do feel it could’ve done better. With the idea that a regular person can do anything he wants to do, you expect a lot of crazy things to happen. Although somethings in that caliber do happen, it wasn’t enough. When they do something that’s crazy, it’s funny and it works to the story. I don’t know if they were playing it safe, but I was expecting more crazier, insane events. Especially coming from an ex-Python.


I thought the plot with Rob Riggle’s character being involved with Kate Beckinsale’s character wasn’t needed. It got a few laughs, but the movie focused on it too much in the third act, where I thought it wasn’t needed. The third act of the movie wasn’t bad, but compared to the other acts, it was the weakest as they focused on this plot rather than the humor plot.


Overall, I still enjoyed Absolutely Anything as I thought it was funny most of the time and it was a fun movie. I loved the cast and performances. I thought it was a perfect casting. The idea was there, but I wish they did crazier things with it. If they did more insane things with the idea, I believe the movie would’ve been a lot better in terms of humor. I would recommend this to other people if they just want a dumb, fun time at the cinemas.



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