Action Bronson Announces Autobiographical Book ‘F**k It, I’ll Start Tomorrow’ | Music News


New York rapper Action Bronson officially announced his new autobiographical and help book F**k It, I’ll Start Tomorrow this week. He took two years to make it and he said that he truly hated every minute of it, probably because it’s so personal and addresses his “struggles with weight, food addiction, and the journey to self-acceptance”.


“When I would read back some of the stuff, I would throw up in my mouth. I would get high as possible, order 17 different things and just talk shit and then try to piece a book together in the end”, he added about the process of making the book.


Bronson says he had no initial specific intentions when writing the book, but by the end, it actually made him look closer into his bad habits, “I was gonna just mail this one in and get on with it. What I didn’t realize was that this was the catalyst that made me look within myself and take serious actions to fix the years of damage self-inflicted”.


Bronson has also just released his latest album Only For Dolphins back in September, created a new men’s fragrance and aired a new season of his cooking show F**k, That’s Delicious.



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