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Nigerian rapper DAP The Contract just released a brand new single titled “Why Would I Lie”, taken from his recent EP I’m Glad You Made It This Far, which came out earlier this year.


The track features his usual rap and hip-hop touch and is all about getting past every barrier that life puts on your path, as you continue to grow. Speaking about the track, DAP says “‘Why Would I Lie’ is a celebration of beating the odds and overcoming the obstacles on the path to success. It captures the sentiment in the ‘I’m Glad You Made It This Far’ EP“.


The song is full of hope, and calls for us not to let go of our dreams and to keep going, no matter what is happening. Even if time flies, we must make the best out of it.


The single has a gospel harmony behind it that gives it a really smooth touch as well as a very gentle beat that follows the artist’s vocals creating a singular rhythm. The rapper also alternates between rapping and singing, really showing his talent to go from a different style to another.


Regarding his career, the rapper started very early, he has always had an artist soul and has been dreaming of his career since the age of 4. He played and trained to be a pianist and a performer, then he got into the Berklee College of Music.


After which, he also graduated from Brown University, one of the most prestigious universities in America, and also graduated from Columbia Law School. He very soon after, started making a name for himself within the industry.


He has recorded with​ Mark Ronson for Abbey Road Studios​, and more. He has been on different music projects like his contribution on the soundtrack of Disney+ movie Noelle, and with all his music releases, the rapper should be soon hitting the million streams mark.


We can only wait for the rapper to come out with some more new music to see how the young artist will evolve this year in the music industry, but we can already guess that we will continue to hear his name in this domain.


Listen to “Why Would I Lie” here:



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