Actors Who Found Their Fame Thanks To Just One Role

It may seem that an acting career is one of the most interesting and easy options, but it involves a lot of work and requires a bit of good luck to stand out.

Many people dream of becoming a famous actor and getting all the perks such a job involves. However, when they ‘hit the road’ and try to get a serious role, all their hopes vanish away over time. It is not enough to participate in a huge number of films, playing in crowd scenes, and demonstrating how diverse your acting can be.

You could be just lucky enough to play the very role that will bring you worldwide recognition and incredible popularity. Thus, if you dream of becoming famous, you should devote more time to the improvement of your acting skills and searching for every opportunity to demonstrate your talent. Indeed, you never know what role will become your successful lottery ticket.

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Macaulay Culkin

Well, such a list cannot do without an actor who began his career in early childhood getting a role in a Christmas comedy Home Alone. Many years have passed since the release of this movie, but its popularity didn’t disappear anywhere.

The film grossed more than $300 million in the USA and became one of the most popular movies of all time within and outside the country. Therefore, it is not surprising the actor became one of the most famous child stars in cinematography. Even though unfortunately, his career failed to develop, the actor still remains well-known all over the world.

Sandra Oh

Sometimes you need to work hard to get a single role or play in a wide range of movies and TV series to get your five minutes of fame. For instance, Sandra started her career about thirty years ago, but she has become really famous and recognizable only thanks to the TV drama Grey’s Anatomy.

She turned into a humorous and aggressive surgeon who is not afraid to express her opinion and defend her viewpoint. This role has become her five minutes of fame since it has brought her many Primetime Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe for ‘Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role’.

Unfortunately, even though she continued to act in other TV series, all other roles couldn’t repeat the previous success, until perhaps Killing Eve.

James Parsons

James has started acting quite late compared to most colleagues because he gave preference to a theatrical career. Thus, he got his first role in the film in 2003 at the age of 30. However, a rare person could remember his name at that moment. He has become famous thanks to the role in the TV series The Big Bang Theory, in which he turned into the eccentric genius Sheldon Cooper.

He played so much plausible and brilliantly so that even those who have never watched a single TV show episode may probably recognize his character. The final episode of the TV series was released in 2019. People say that the show was closed because the actor got tired of this role.

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Regé-Jean Page

Even though he dreamed of an acting career from a young age and even got a small role in the extras of Harry Potter and some other movies, his attempts to become famous were doomed to failure. He got his first leading role in the outstanding TV series, Bridgerton, in which he played the iconic role of the Duke of Hastings.

Netflix has turned him into one of the most desirable actors, so it is not surprising he has started receiving various offers. For instance, the chances are high that we’ll get an opportunity to watch his acting in the fantasy Dungeon of Dragons, where he will play on equal par with celebrities like Chris Pine and Hugh Grant.

Besides, he has got an offer to join the cast of The Gray Man, in which he will play with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. As you can see, a single role has become a turning point in his life and opened many doors that previously were tightly closed.

Jacob Elordi

He got a big army of fans after the release of The Kissing Booth in 2018, in which he played a role of a handsome and charming Noah Flynn. Even though he played in several films before this moment, one could say that the only remarkable role in his portfolio was Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales in the extras.

However, everything changed in 2018 when he started getting a large number of offers. Thus, you could watch his acting in the comedy Swinging Safari with Kylie Minogue, Two Hearts, and, finally, the TV series Euphoria, which cemented the actor’s stellar status.

Now, he is incredibly popular among producers and the female half of Generation Z. Moreover, the actor has dated Joey King and Zendaya, and now, he is in a relationship with Kaia Gerber.


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