Michael B. Jordan & Amazon Developing ‘Victories Greater Than Death’ TV Adaptation

Michael B. Jordan‘s production company Outlier Society is teaming up with Amazon to develop a TV adaptation of Victories Greater Than Death, Charlie Jane Anders‘ popular coming of age sci-fi novel. No writer is attached at this time, but Jordan, Anders, and Elizabeth Raposo will produce.

The novel revolves around high school-aged Tina who is hiding a deep secret; she’s the keeper of an interplanetary beacon that will activate someday soon, calling her home as the clone of an alien charged with saving the galaxy. But while she feels destined to fulfill her mission, first she has to grapple with the complications of other teenage girls in her life.

Anders is also the founding editor of io9, and her other novels include All The Birds In The Sky and The City In The Middle of the Sky, with the former winning the 2017 Nebula Award for Best Novel from The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, along with a number of other accolades.

“All of my conversations about this project have been incredible – everyone involved really gets the themes and heart of this story,” Anders said on Twitter. “And I’m overjoyed to be working with people whose work has meant so much to me.”

Outlier Society and Amazon already have a first-look deal – meaning that Amazon pays a development fee for unfinished projects or ones that haven’t yet begun and are in return given the first opportunity to look at a project and get the chance to put in the first offer – and it’s no surprise that the streamer has hopped on board this one. There’s potential for a strong YA audience here.

Other projects Outlier Society currently have in the works include a series about Muhammed Ali titled The Greatest, a live-action adaptation of DC comics character Static Shock, and an adaptation of Akwaeke Emezi‘s novel You Made A Fool Of Death With Your Beauty.

The company is also working on Creed 3 with MGM, which Jordan will both direct and star in.


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