Adam Mah Releases New Single ‘Shadows’ Featuring Royal | Music News


Introducing emerging Canadian electro-pop artist Adam Mah with his brand new single titled “Shadows” featuring Royal, taken from his upcoming debut EP The Cloud, which is set for release on July 14.


Adam Mah began his career as the vocalist for 2014 Peak Performance Project finalists and 2016 Juno Masterclass finalists Derrival, and after his departure from Derrival, his solo career has seen Adam performing alongside the likes of The Rubens, Hotel Mira, and Kuri, while also performing at Westward Music Festival.


“Shadows” is the latest track from Adam’s upcoming EP The Cloud, which will see Adam exploring themes of loss – loss of a relationship, getting lost on social media, and losing family, with Adam sharing his experiences over his dark synth heavy pop musical backdrops.


Alongside vocals from Royal on “Shadows”, the rest of The Cloud EP is characterised by production from frequent collaborator Shane Stephenson (Nice) and synth rock heavy hitter Jordan Lawlor (M83, J.Laser).


Speaking about the inspiration behind his new single “Shadows” featuring ROYAL, Adam Mah says that the song “reflects the emotions felt when coming to terms with the end of a longterm relationship. This haunting duet expresses the hurt and frustration of losing a lover“.


Listen to Adam Mah’s “Shadows” below:




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