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2000’s Chicken Run is one of Aardman Animation’s best films and perennially underrated within the animated movie canon. The fact that there hasn’t already been a sequel is surprising itself, but that sequel is indeed in development, except it won’t be at Studiocanal, which has financed, distributed and sold Aardman productions since 2015’s Shaun The Sheep Movie.


Instead, the belated sequel will be released on all Netflix territories except for China. Pathé, which backed the original, have closed a deal with Aardman to allow the transfer of the sequel rights to the global streaming giant, per Variety.


The first film follows a group of chickens trying to escape before their owner can turn them into meat pies. This sequel will also focus on protagonist Ginger, now living in a human-free chicken paradise. Ginger and Rocky, the American rooster from the first film, hatch an egg together and daughter Molly is born.


Molly grows up quickly and begins to outgrow the island. At the same time, rumours begin to fly of a new and terrible threat on the mainland, forcing Ginger to rally her troops and put their own hard-won freedom at risk for the good of all chickens.


Sam Fell (ParaNorman) is directing the film. Aardman is a studio that consistently delivers great animated films. Despite the large gap, expect the Chicken Run sequel to be no different. Though, for obvious reasons, don’t expect the return of Mel Gibson as the voice of Rocky, as they’ve already announced that the role will be recast.


Filming on Chicken Run 2 will begin next year.



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