Adam Sandler To Star In ‘Uncut Gems’ From ‘Good Time’ Directors | Film News


While Adam Sandler still has his mammoth multi-picture deal with Netflix that allows him to make easily consumable comedy films with his buddies whenever he likes, he’s temporarily stepping away from the lowbrow and attaching himself to two of the most talked about indie directors right now, Josh and Benny Safdie (Good Time, Heaven Knows What).


Sandler is set to star in the Safdie brother’s upcoming film Uncut Gems, who have co-written the film with Ronald Bronstein and will direct with backing from A24. Little is known about the project other than Sandler will take on a leading role and that the movie will take place in New York’s diamond district.


Considering the Safdie’s success with their other films, all set in New York and aesthetically capturing its rugged, dog-eat-dog nature, this sounds very exciting. They pulled a career defining performance out of Robert Pattinson in their last film, so it will be interesting to see what they can do with Sandler.


The most frustrating thing about Sandler is that he’s proven time and time again to be a very capable actor that can balance comedy and pathos very well, just see his collaboration with Noah Baumbach from last year, The Meyerowitz Stories. But too often he’ll phone it in and star in lazy comedies that don’t take full advantage of his talents.


This is a perfect fit for him, teaming up with two ascending talents that have proven they can make incredibly compelling films on relatively small budgets. It will be fascinating to see how this collaboration works out.


Until we learn more about Uncut Gems, Sandler can be see starring alongside Chris Rock in The Week Of, which hits Netflix on Friday, April 27.



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