Adanna Duru + Casey Abrams – Trip | Music Video


Burgeoning pop artist Adanna Duru is steadily climbing the ranks as a name that you need to know very quickly. Her most recent EP Manic Pixie Dreamgirl got a lot of buzz and with that she wastes no time in dropping the remix to one of the notable tracks on the project “Trip” featuring jazz musician Casey Abrams.


The LA natives join forces to add some flavour to the already glittery pop track; Abrams adding his soulful and rugged stamp to proceedings. Duru treats us even more with a fresh new video in the heart of the forest. Our sensual pop starlet is at one with nature. She captivates with her vocal performance and her moves and Abrams masculine yet graceful aura draws you in.


The song itself is about choosing to no longer make hasty generalizations. Heartbreak can often lead to assuming the worst of people, but “Trip” defies that, with the want to accept someone new and trust them for who they show you they are.


At only the early stages of her career, Adanna is proudly going strength to strength with her bold moves and her especially bold sonics. Keep your tabs on this Southern California girl.




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