Adanna Duru Unveils New Track ‘The Way’ From ‘NAPPY HOUR II’ EP

Hailing from Orange County, California, with Nigerian heritage, Adanna Duru releases her latest track, “The Way”, along with her new EP, NAPPY HOUR II.

Adanna Duru captured the music world with her captivating voice long before becoming a TikTok sensation and shining in shows like The Voice and American Idol.

Today, she unveils her highly anticipated second EP, NAPPY HOUR II, featuring her new track “The Way,” a musical journey skillfully blending pop, R&B, and afrobeats.

With successful singles like “Put it Down” in collaboration with Nigerian hip-hop star Mannywellz, and the bold track “if I was a boy”, Adanna Duru explores the nuances of relationships in her new EP, drawing inspiration from icons like Beyonce and Ciara. Producers Khris Riddick Tynes and Rob Bisel played a crucial role in encouraging Adanna to embrace her eccentric and fun side, creating memorable tracks that transcend musical boundaries.

The R&B and pop artist has had a remarkable rise in the music industry. Raised in a Nigerian community in California, she overcame identity-related challenges to become an undeniable voice. With millions of streams for her previous EP, NAPPY HOUR, and explosive growth on social media, Adanna has garnered attention from personalities such as Timbaland, Alicia Keys, and Ed Sheeran.

In preparation for NAPPY HOUR II, Adanna collaborated with renowned producers Khris Riddick Tynes and Rob Bisel, adding a new dimension to her music. Her hilarious TikTok series ‘music @ white clubs be like’ propelled her influence, with videos surpassing 70 million views. She continues to celebrate her uniqueness and inspire others to love their own, while exploring various musical genres and sharing her authenticity.

Adanna Duru embodies the new wave of the music industry, where artistic diversity and authenticity prevail. With NAPPY HOUR II, she solidifies her position as an essential artist, offering not only a musical experience but also an invitation to discover the depth of her personality.

Stay tuned to witness how this rising star continues to push boundaries and leave her unique mark on the world of music. Listen to “The Way” below!


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