Gambian Senegalese Musician Dawda Reveals His Debut Solo Single ‘Wine’

Dubai-based Gambian Senegalese singer, songwriter and producer Dawda excitedly unveils his debut solo single titled “Wine”. After the resounding success of his collaboration “Chocola” with Mohombi and Bayanni, Dawda is ready to conquer the charts with this new track which heralds the start of a new musical era.

“Wine” is an intoxicating fusion of afrobeats, R&B, pop and dancehall, orchestrated with finesse by Dawda and his musical accomplice Aladdin Awad. Inspired by the Jamaican dance “dutty wine”, the track seduces with its lush synths, driving percussion and groovy basslines, offering a captivating and sensual musical experience.

Having already proven himself as a lyricist for renowned artists such as Snoh Aalegra and Sean Kingston, Dawda is set to shine as a lead artist this year. Gifted with exceptional musical talent and a passion for creating transcendental sonic experiences, Dawda draws inspiration from his African heritage, blending the rhythms of afrobeats with the soul of R&B and the appeal of pop.

After conquering the charts with “Chocola,” Dawda is ready to take on the world with “Wine” and his long-awaited upcoming EP. With the support of LPME Group, its studio based in Dubai, and the talent of its production team, Dawda has established itself as a key artist on the afrofusion scene in 2024.

Dawda embodies the Afrobeats revival with his unique blend of musical styles and innovative vision, and promises to be one of the revelations of the year not to be missed.

Watch the music video for “When You Fall In Love” below!


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