Adult Play Explore Facade Of Online Hustle Culture With ‘Ten Traits Every Successful Person Has’

Shropshire’s emerging musical group, Adult Play, has released their intriguing new single, “Ten Traits Every Successful Person Has,” a thought-provoking track from their upcoming debut EP Deep Recess Dial Up Despair.

The single stands out for its unique blend of genres, combining elements of jazz, dream pop, and slow core, defying easy categorization. It has been compared to an experimental fusion, reminiscent of Don Broco and the Red Hot Chili Peppers in a high-energy collision.

“Ten Traits” offers a narrative journey through the downfall of an online hustle culture guru, a character known as ‘Wax Jackson.’ The track reflects on the often superficial world of entrepreneurial self-help gurus, critiquing the relentless pursuit of success often showcased on digital platforms. Adult Play cleverly uses their music to take aim at the pervasive culture of ‘flexing’ and superficial success that seems to dominate social media narratives.

The song begins with a compelling bassline and a deep groove, setting the tone for the unfolding story of Wax Jackson, whose facade of success and thought leadership gradually unravels. The track’s transformation from confident to chaotic mirrors the character’s journey, blending funky elements with the intense energy of modern post-punk.

Lyrics like “I’ve got so many income streams but I’m incomplete because my wife and my kids don’t interest me” poignantly capture the protagonist’s internal disintegration. The breakdown that follows adds to the song’s intense narrative arc.

For this track, Adult Play departed from their usual DIY approach, enlisting the expertise of Ryan Pinson at RML studio for production and mixing. The studio environment offered a perfect setting for creative experimentation, with various mini-synths and percussion instruments contributing to the track’s unique sound. The drum section, recorded in double time and then digitally slowed down, adds a distinctive unease to the track.

Emerging from Shrewsbury, Adult Play aims to make a significant mark in the music industry, bringing their dynamic sound from a small town to a broader audience. Their experimental POST-PFUNK™ sound, which received airtime on BBC One & 6 Music, is just the beginning of their journey to reach new ears across the country.

The band, a success story from, is comprised of individuals from various corners of the Midlands. Vocalist James Willetts, bassist Ash Rushworth, drummer Jonnie Goucher, guitarist Matthew Gray, and keyboardist Rosanna Tasker form the group, each bringing their unique talents and backgrounds to the mix.

From playing gigs in diverse venues to experimenting with different band names and sounds, Adult Play has honed a distinctive musical style and garnered a dedicated audience.

Their upcoming EP Deep Recess Dial Up Despair, featuring tracks with fat grooves, drum and bass influences, and playful, spontaneous lyrics, is a testament to their ‘anything goes’ mentality in the studio. With support from Ryan Pinson of RML Studios and accolades from notable figures like Tom Robinson of 6 Music and Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran, Adult Play is poised to make a significant impact with their very first EP.

As Adult Play continues their journey, blending experimental sounds with a spirit of playfulness, they are set to spread the ‘good wybe’ of Shropshire’s music scene to the wider UK and beyond.

Listen to “Ten Traits Every Successful Person Has” below!


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