Afrofusion Artist Nizzy Unveils Brand New EP ‘Pillow Therapy’ | Music News


London-based afrofusion artist and songwriter Nizzy has released his second EP Pillow Therapy where he merges relaxing afrobeats, dancehall vibes and classic R&B tunes.


After three years Nizzy delivers a brand new EP and follows up on the success of his praised debut Dreamin’ In Colour. Trend setter as Complex, BBC 1XTRA, Red Bull Music and MTV Base already support the young artist on expanding his career.


Before the release the EP’s lead single “Midnight” alongside UK singer Bace God offered a first insight. “Midnight”captures the feeling of being freshly in love with someone. In the accompanied music video Nizzy and Bace are dating the same woman without knowing from each other.


Pillow Therapy comes with a remix of the song featuring UK rap artist Big Tobz. Furthermore Nizzy collaborated with exciting newcomer Wauve and the London-based producer SHØLA on the soulful rap EP.


The record is very mood music-heavy and it feels like something you want to listen to at night, when you just want to release your body and soul just before bedtime. That’s exactly my vibe right now, so I’m glad the EP was able to capture that” Nizzy explains.


The basic mood of the EP is really smooth and underpinned by relaxing beats and vocals. In addition to that the songs are fitting perfectly even though some songs as “Sex N Drugs” are coming with vibrant dancehall beats and inspire for long summer nights of dancing. Listen to the EP below.




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