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Canadian artist Borelson has just unveiled his new single called “Ubuntu”, taken from his latest album As Far As Eye Can See, released in May. The track is an afropop/afrofusion collaboration that features fellow Canadian Zenesoul and DoloTheGifted.


“Ubuntu” sounds warm and has a catchy hook that’ll remind you of summer days. It is a call to global panafricanism, with the use of different languages (English as the main one, but also French, Portuguese and Yoruba/Pidgin), all conveying the same message of unity.


The Bantu word “Ubuntu” embodies the philosophical sentence “I am because we are”, the originated from South Africa.


Borelson invited two artists on the record: Zenesoul, originally from Nigeria, and DoloTheGifted, originally from Angelo. As he explains, each artist on the track represents different areas of Africa, and bring their own vibes to this energetic offering.


He is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto, Canada. After a multilingual upbringing in central Africa (Gabon, Congo), he went on to spend some years in France before relocating to Canada. His music is mostly hip-hop infused, mixed with other influences such as afrofusion/afrobeats and jazz.


A music video is also available for the song. Speaking about it, the artist states: “the video is an homage to black women and their joy (as we saw the trend of black girls skating lately), to black joy overall as this is something we need more than ever with everything going on. It is also an homage to my new home, Toronto”.


You can listen to “Ubuntu” here:




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