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Louisville-based soul singer Carly Johnson has just released her brand-new single “The Believer”, announcing her upcoming debut album. The song allows Carly Johnson to showcase her powerhouse voice, highlighted by vocal harmonies flowing effortlessly.


It’s a groovy yet stirring track, that tells the story of someone who has spun lies for so long that they slip into the stubborn belief that they’re true; who projects their own deepest flaws, insecurities and faults onto their partner and clings to the idea and feeling of being a victim, when they are in fact the abuser.


“The Believer” is the third offering we get from the singer, after a collaboration with Bonnie “Prince” Billy and a good first single. Her upcoming self-titled debut album is set to come out on December 4.


Carly Johnson is an experienced Louisville-based singer, an in-demand vocalist that has performed with numerous great acts, including Norah Jones, My Morning Jacket and Houndmouth.


Speaking of her soon-to-be-released full-length piece, the artist explains it’s the fulfilment of a dream: “jazz was paying the bills and keeping my vocal chops in shape” she says, referencing her years performing in clubs as a jazz vocal/guitar duo with guitarist Craig Wagner, “but my end game was that I always wanted to do my own album of original music”.


You can listen to the track right now:




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