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Paramount and Hasbro have apparently had such a good success with the writers’ room they created to form new films for their billion-dollar Transformers franchise that they’re doing the same for two of their other properties. Deadline reports that Akiva Goldsman, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of A Beautiful Mind and key member of the new Transformers writing team, will also be heading up new writers’ rooms for films based on Hasbro properties GI Joe and Micronauts.


Akiva Goldsman is currently overseeing the writing of Transformers 5. Official screenwriters have yet to be attached to write the story hashed out in the extensive story meetings, but writers’ room participants Art Marcum & Matt Holloway (Iron Man) and Ken Nolan (Black Hawk Down) are in negotiations with Paramount to take on the project.


Michael Bay is also considering to return to direct the fifth installment for a 2017 release. A third GI Joe film has been in development since Retaliation‘s release in 2013 with little movement, whilst interchangable space toys Micronauts have yet to see a cinematic adaptation. Perhaps this new initiative is exactly what thes properties need to get off the ground.



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