Alectra Rothschild Unveils Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection At Copenhagen Fashion Week

Alectra Rothschild/MASCULINA made waves on the 29th of January 2024 as she unveiled her Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection, ‘The Rebirth Carry,’ during Copenhagen Fashion Week. The event, presented and produced by inter.agcy, marked a pivotal moment in fashion, offering an interesting insight into a world of transformation and self-expression.

Drawing inspiration from the profound question of what happens after death, Rothschild’s collection serves as a narrative of rebirth and renewal. We can also see in it the mirror of the transformative journey experienced by many in the transgender community. “This collection celebrates the essence of being reborn, where one sheds the old and embraces the new,” explained Alectra, her words resonating with a profound sense of introspection.

Water, the source of life, served as a central motif in Rothschild’s exploration, reflected in a range of designs from raincoats to swimwear. The collection’s materials, including diamond embellishments, rain-inspired fringes, and shiny latex, evoke the fluidity and allure of water, while adopting a Greek beach aesthetic characterised by draped silhouettes that evoke the beauty of the sea.

Alectra Rothschild/MASCULINA’s journey to this moment is as remarkable as her collection itself. With a background in tailoring and a prestigious education from institutions like Beckmans College of Design and Central Saint Martins, Rothschild honed her craft under the mentorship of leading experts such as Fabio Piras and Anne Sofie Madsen. Her time at Mugler, as well as her freelance work for Alexander McQueen, laid the foundations for her rise in the fashion world.

The runway show itself was a spectacle of artistry and innovation. Art Director Kristian Kirk, in collaboration with light designer Philip Sacht, crafted a pink light installation, setting the stage for a minimalist yet captivating atmosphere. With themes of wetness omnipresent in the production, the runway experience transcended mere fashion, offering an immersive journey into the depths of self-expression.

Choreographies by artist Thea Carla Schött, also infused the show with a sense of individuality and empowerment. Against a backdrop of pulsating beats by DJ G2G, models strutted down the catwalk, embodying expressions of “Pxxsy Glamour” and “Miami Birth Amazon,” celebrating life in all its vibrancy.

Makeup artist Cianne Denize breathed life into Rothschild’s vision with a 90s glam aesthetic infused with a touch of rebellion, while collaborations with artists like Bella Sky High and Emilie Alstrup added an extra layer of depth to the collection.

In the end, Alectra Rothschild/MASCULINA’s debut on the Copenhagen Fashion Week runway was more than just a fashion show—it was a testament to the power of self-expression, transformation, and unapologetic authenticity. As the fashion world continues to evolve, Alectra Rothschild stands at the forefront, a source of creativity and defiance, inspiring others to embrace their true selves.

Take a look at the collection by yourself!


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