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With Annihilation, director Alex Garland‘s much anticipated follow up to Ex Machina, set to hit cinemas in the US in a few weeks (and arrive on Netflix everywhere else around two weeks after that), the filmmaker is already looking ahead to his next project. It looks like he’ll be the latest director to jump to television.


During an interview with Fandango, Garland talked about an eight part mini-series he is currently working on for FX, home of Legion and Atlanta. Like his first feature films, it will be a sci-fi project, and the director went on to say:


“It’s a sort of science fiction, but it’s a much more technology based sci-fi whereas Annihilation is a more hallucinogenic form of sci-fi[…]This is slightly more in common with projects I’ve worked on like Ex Machina or Never Let Me Go which are taking something about our world now — not our world in the future, but our world as it is right now — and then drawing sort of inferences and conclusions from it”.


Garland keeps everything relatively vague but it’s hard not to get excited about one of the most promising sci-fi directors working today getting a crack at an eight part mini-series where he’ll likely be able to explore some heavy ideas unlikely to get funding for the big screen.


All the talk regarding Garland will revolve around Annihilation over the next month or so, but it will be interesting to track this project and get more of an idea what it’s actually about. We’ve seen the TV mini-series hit some incredible heights over the last year or so with Twin Peaks: The Return and Big Little Lies, hopefully Garland can add his latest project to that list.



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