‘Alexa & Katie’ Shows Us What Real Friendship Looks Like | TV Trailer


Netflix releases show after show but this one seems quite different. Now they have dropped the trailer for their new show, Alexa & Katie. With this one, they go in the other direction than previous shows like Lost in Space or Altered Carbon. You won’t see any sci-fi here just real life being as cruel as it can be.


Alexa & Katie seems like a show that Disney would make. Two girls, their beginning of high school, life-changing for both of them. But there is an important twist to it – Alexa has cancer. However, neither of them lets that get in the way for them to have fun and do what other girls their age do.


But most of all the trailer shows us that a person in this condition needs a loving person like that at her side. And that the friendship can overcome anything bad. The show, starring Paris Berelc and Isabel May, airs on March 23 on Netflix.





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