Alexander Payne To Direct New Version Of ‘Babette’s Feast’ | Film News


Alexander Payne has set up his next project. The Sideways and Election director will helm a remake of the 1987 European drama Babette’s Feast.


The film is being described as a “reimagining” of the original film, which revolved around a French refugee from the Franco-Prussian War in the late 19th century who settles in a small, religious village and proceeds to win the lottery.


She uses her earnings to cook up a huge feast for some of the town’s most respected citizens. Gabriel Axel directed and also adapted the script from a story written by author Karen Blixen.


Reportedly, this new take will focus on two older, unmarried sisters living in a small religious community in Minnesota who take in a refugee. Over the course of a spectacular meal á la Big Night, the sisters confront their own prejudices. Comedian and screenwriter Guy Branum (The Mindy Project) will write the new script, which likely hints at a more comedic touch.


Payne is coming off arguably his least-liked film of his career. Downsizing not only flopped at the box office, but received middling reviews at best. Payne and star Matt Damon have since mentioned in interviews how the marketing hurt the film, painting it has some sort of wacky Honey, I Shrunk The Kids comedy when it’s more of an environmental drama.


But Payne still has an impressive track record. Along with the aforementioned Sideways and Election, he’s also directed Nebraska, The Descendants and About Schmidt, and remains one of the best contemporary directors at focusing on the human condition.


If he can recapture that magic for this “reimagining” of Babette’s Feast, hopefully we’ll all have an equally delectable time as the characters eating the titular feast.



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