‘Alien: Covenant’ And ‘The Predator’ Get New Release Dates | Film News



They’re two of the great cinema monsters. Whether its in their own films or in shared ones, the Xenomorphs (Alien) and the Predators have never failed to strike fear into the hearts of audiences. It shan’t be long now until both of them are prowling cinema screens worldwide once again. Appearing separately this time, Alien: Covenant and The Predator have new release dates.


Fox, who are producing Alien: Covenant, have now shifted its release date to August 4, 2017, making it a summer release. This can be looked at as both an expression of confidence and a lack of it as it shows Fox are willing to push it as one of their big releases in one of the busiest times for the film industry, but it also brings it out of the firing line of Star Wars: Episode VIII, which comes out December 15, 2017.


Meanwhile, we now have a fixed release date for The Predator: March 2, 2018. This also allows it to skip the Star Wars hype season whilst also kicking off 2018’s summer blockbuster season. Also, it won’t have to compete with its mortal enemy. Details on both films are incredibly vague, but that is to be expected as we have a while until we can see either of them. Regardless, it is good to finally see a date attached to The Predator and the news that Alien: Covenant will be finding us sooner than expected is welcome indeed.



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