All We Know About Rihanna’s Lingerie Line So Far | Fashion News


She has conquered the music industry, fashion & beauty world and pretty soon she’ll be doing the same with lingerie. Rihanna‘s not sleeping on her laurels and that’s a fact as weeks ago she confirmed she was launching a lingerie line but now she has revealed some details about it.


The pop singer has used her Instagram account to show the very first picture of her new collection, in which she models in. As well as with her beauty line, she has demonstrated she is the best one to wear her own designs.



Pictured below, we see Rihanna in what it seems to be a semi-transparent red and white lace fit, with a bra and cutouts at the bottom. Even though we can’t see it very clearly, we can imagine that it’ll be a very sexy line.


And for the final good news, we know when will this amazing collection be arriving and it’s sooner than we had imagined. On the newly released Savage x Fenty website we can find a countdown timer with 15 days and some hours before the launch. It means that the line will be out on May 11.







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