Alma Leta Illuminates With Fresh Indie Pop Track ‘In The Light’

Emerging talent Alma Leta, the California-born, New Zealand-raised singer-songwriter, has just unveiled her latest single, “In The Light.” Released on November 24, the track is a profound reflection of her personal journey and a prelude to her much-anticipated debut album, Time of Our Lives, set for release in early 2024.

Alma’s musical roots trace back to her childhood. She began crafting songs at a young age, nurtured by a lineage of musical grandmothers and a natural inclination toward singing and songwriting.

After a transformative stint in the United States, where she began recording her original compositions, Alma returned to New Zealand, where she connected with Auckland music producer Ricky Simmonds in 2016. Her relocation to Wellington later led to a fruitful collaboration with producer Nik Brinkman.

The duo has since created several tracks, including “18,” “Flowers,” “Cross My Heart,” “Lover Boy Blues,” and “Debs Night Out.” Alma Leta’s unique sound has not gone unnoticed, with her previous singles featuring on Apple Music’s prestigious playlists such as A-List Pop, Breaking Pop, and New Music Daily.

“In The Light” is more than just a song for Alma; it’s a deeply personal narrative. Written as a response to her early twenties’ exhilarating yet overwhelming party scene, the song symbolizes a journey back to self. Named after her own name, Emmanuelle, which means “In the light,” Alma aspires for the song to guide others back to their true selves.

At 24, Alma Leta’s songwriting prowess reflects her deep introspection. Her lyrics weave through the complexities of relationships, anxiety, social issues, and internal dialogues, offering a window into her soul. Her musical journey is marked by her desire to “taste the words,” infusing her songs with raw emotion and authenticity.

“In The Light,” a collaborative creation between Alma (Emmanuelle Baur) and Nik Brinkman, is a testament to their synergy. The track, engineered and mixed by Brinkman, and mastered by Chris Chetland at KOG, showcases Alma’s evolving artistry. The cover, a collaboration between Timothy Baur, Pippy McClenaghan, and Alma herself, visually echoes the song’s introspective essence.

As Alma Leta gears up for the release of her debut album, “In The Light” stands as a luminous beacon of her artistic journey, inviting listeners to bask in its reflective glow.

Listen to “In The Light” below!


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