South London Artist And Actor Joe Usher Blends Genres With ‘Size 10s’

Emerging from the eclectic musical landscape of South London, artist and actor Joe Usher unveils his latest single, “Size 10s,” following his acclaimed 2022 EP, ‘a part of life.’ Hailing originally from Carlisle, Joe’s journey to the heart of the UK’s capital city has seen him evolve into a multifaceted creative talent.

“Size 10s” is a genre-bending creation, masterfully intertwining elements of rap, indie-rock, and R&B. The track, which began its life in a Tooting kitchen and reached completion in Vienna’s Fiakka studios, reflects the seamless collaboration between Joe and producer Magnus Thomson. Drummer Bill Caple’s contribution crescendos in the final chorus, leaving listeners with a lasting impression of rhythmic brilliance.

The song delves into themes of personal growth and introspection, capturing the essence of an individual grappling with change and identity as they age. It’s a narrative that resonates with many, a poignant reflection on the journey of self-discovery.

Joe’s summer was marked by electrifying performances on BBC Introducing stages at various UK festivals, including Kendal Calling. His versatility as an artist shone through at Maida Vale Studios, where he participated in a rap cypher for BBC 1xtra. Drawing inspiration from artists like Mac Miller, Daniel Caesar, and Little Simz, Joe is on an exhilarating path, carving out a unique niche in the music scene.

Before his musical and acting pursuits, Joe’s career trajectory took an unexpected turn from professional football with Queen of the South to embracing his creative instincts. His formative musical projects, including “Mood Swings and Roundabouts” and “Mind Games,” caught the attention of BBC Introducing, laying the foundation for his burgeoning career.

Joe’s most recent EP, a part of life, marked a significant artistic evolution, with a focus on personal themes of loss and grief. His subsequent releases, “who am I?” and “central,” demonstrated his ability to energize crowds with their raw energy and bold sound.

“Size 10s” picks up this narrative thread, blending dreamlike falsetto melodies with soulful rap verses, showcasing Joe’s maturation as an artist. His performances at prestigious venues and festivals, coupled with recognition from BBC Introducing as one of the UK’s most promising emerging artists, signal a bright future.

Listeners and fans can eagerly anticipate Joe Usher’s upcoming EP, as he continues to make waves in the UK music scene with his distinctive sound and authentic storytelling.

Listen to “Size 10s” below!


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