Almost In ‘The Force Awakens’ Yoda Was | Film News



Although Frank Oz‘s iconic Yoda voice was briefly featured during Rey’s (Daisy Ridely) vision in The Force Awakens, it seems he was set for a more momentous appearance. According to Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey – editors for The Force Awakens, movie director J.J Abrams seriously considered including the Jedi master in person, before deciding against it.


Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Brandon and Markey explained that “There was one point where we were actually thinking of having Yoda in the film, and then we decided not to​”. They continued, revealing that Frank Oz even came in to test a bunch of potential Yoda scenes: “​Frank Oz came in for a day and did a whole bunch of Yoda and he was over the moon to do it – and we were tickled pink”!


Currently, the seventh installment of the iconic space saga has nearly accumulated $2 billion worldwide; making it the third highest-grossing film of all time. Now, we begin the impatient countdown for Episode VIII, which is set for release in December 2017.



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